UR Yoga : Beginner Yoga Training

Reconnect with your essence nature.

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Yoga offered me tools that empowered me to reconnect with my true self - the person I was before I got confused by who the world wanted me to be. Nowadays these tools continue to improve my day to day life both on and off the mat. The tools that I use are the tools I now share.

Yoga is your journey of self discovery

UR YOGA - because yoga is your journey of self discovery. Explore and curate a practice of movement, healing and reflection. Reconnect with your best self, by aligning your body, breath and mind through yoga.

Devonport Community Yoga Class

Wakatere Boating Club, Narrow Neck Beach
6.15pm Tuesdays - no class during Lockdown

Beginner Level - everybody welcome 🙂

Try Yoga with Me

A short beginner level yoga practice of calming breathing, gentle movement and connected flow. Try this if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, low energy and tight in your body.

Begin your transformational journey

The world of yoga is rich and wonderful and has a lot to offer. There is no one size fits all yoga program. Yoga is a personal practice and you get to design what you want that to be. This course, is designed to be an introduction to the techniques that form the foundation of my personal practice. Techniques that I have learned through my experience practicing, and my study as a yoga teacher. These techniques includes the following; asana (postural yoga), meditation, mantra, calming breathing techniques (pranayama) and flow sequences (vinyasa). I aspire to create a safe and welcoming space for my community to join me to try some of these on for size, and see what flows.

Contact UR Yoga

Narrow Neck, Devonport, Takapuna, Belmont Area Community Yoga By Hanna Downey

Email hannadowney@gmail.com

Phone +642 1186 6008


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